A five-year-old is selling bracelets to buy supplies for her local food bank

Kind-hearted five-year-old Eve Richardson,

She’s had more than 80 orders so far (Picture: North News & Pictures)

A five-year-old has launched a fundraiser to help people struggling during the cost of living crisis.

Little Eve Richardson is taking orders for handmade bracelets and using the cash to buy money for her local food bank in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Impressively, she’s had more than 80 orders so far and has already donated numerous food shops to the bank.

Eve is selling bracelets for £2 and has made more than £100 so far – but this number will continue to grow as she works her way through orders.

She wants to make a difference (Picture: North News & Pictures)

‘As soon as she gets an order, she wants to start working on it straight away’ (Picture: North News & Pictures)

Her mum Bridie Stead says the youngster became flooded with requests after they posted their idea online.

Bridie added: ‘As soon as she gets an order, she wants to start working on it straight away.’

The proud mum explains that her daughter just loves to help people.

Bridie says: ‘She always wants to help others, it’s just the kind of person she is.

‘Whether it’s giving her clothes or toys away to charity or getting involved in fundraising, she is just so kind.

‘Eve told me that she wanted to help out in some way so she came up with this idea and it’s working really well.’

‘She is just so kind’ (Picture: North News & Pictures)

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But it’s not just her mum who is bursting with pride.

Karen Noble, the manager at the Pallion Action Group, adds that the Sunderland community is very appreciative, too.

She said: ‘For a five-year-old child to be so aware of the issues many people are facing and then do something

‘The help Eve is giving is going into our community pantry, which will support local residents during such harsh times.

‘We are so proud to have Eve living in our community and being an inspiration to others.’

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