8 reasons why we’ll be taking the kids to see Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, IF

Ryan Reynolds and Cailey Flemming in IF

Ryan Reynolds and Cailey Fleming star in the family movie of 2024, IF (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

We all had imaginary friends growing up.

Some were even our best friends until that one child at school asked if you wanted to share the contents of their lunchbox and we abandoned the creature that kept us company when no one else was around.

But what happened to those imaginary friends when we ditched them for a far less exciting human pal?

Bea (played by Cailey Fleming) is about to find out as she discovers she suddenly has the ability to see everyone’s imaginary friends, from a giant blue teddy bear-like creature to an octocat (yup, that’s a thing) in the epic new family film from Paramount Pictures, IF, which boasts one of the most extraordinary casts since, well, ever.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Cal, who joins Bea to try and reunite the imaginary friends (or IFs) with their long lost human pals who deserted them for adulthood, and together they meet all sorts of incredible creatures from an alligator to a unicorn.

And adding to their magical qualities are the stars that voice them – including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Steve Carell to name a few.

Oh, and comedy genius and all around Hollywood legend John Krasinski wrote, directed and stars in it too so we know we’re in for a an amazing ride.

Need any more reasons to book your ticket to see IF on the big screen? Well how about eight reasons why you should take your kids, their friends and the whole family to see IF at a cinema near you on May 17.

When did you ever see a cast like this?

It takes a special movie to bring together a cast quite like this – it’s a once-in-a-year cinematic event starring true comedy giants.

As well as the aforementioned A-list names above, listen out for cameos by – *takes deep breath* – Bradley Cooper, Awkwafina, Amy Schumer, Blake Lively, Maya Rudolph, Sam Rockwell, Fiona Shaw, Jon Stewart, Matthew Rhys and if we kept going we’d be here all day.

And breathe…

Between Oscars, Emmys, Baftas and Ryan Reynolds being named 2022’s ‘sexiest man alive’ that must be one of the most awarded casts of all time.

Cailey Fleming and Phoebe Waller-Bridge as BLOSSOM star in Paramount Pictures’ “IF.” (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

Did you spot the reunion of all reunions?

It’s been over a decade since the end of The Office US (we miss you Dwight!) but fans longing for the Dunder Mufflin staff, look no further.

IF brings Jim and Michael back together, with John Krasinski directing Steve Carell – one of the most iconic partnerships in sitcom history.

We might never get a revival of The Office, but we’ll gladly take this bromance in buckets instead.

Ryan Reynolds and Director John Krasinski on the set of Paramount Pictures’ “IF.” (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

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