8 of the best boxed wines to try in 2021, and no, Franzia didn’t make our list

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Boxed wines go far beyond the Franzia that probably first comes to mind.
Boxed wines are a great option for serving big groups on a budget.
I recently taste-tested and compared several varieties and brands of boxed wine and detail my favorite options below.

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When you think of boxed wine, there’s a good chance that the first thing that comes to mind is the college days of head-ache inducing Franzia. The sickly sweet Fruity Red Sangria option made a frequent appearance at college parties I attended for good reason: it can serve a crowd and it’s extremely budget-friendly.

That’s true of most boxed wines. As certified sommelier and wine expert Alisha Blackwell-Calvert notes, “In a party or picnic environment and in a chef’s kitchen, boxed wines have proven to be a fuss-free addition.”

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Not to mention that they’re popular with campers since they’re more packing- and environmentally-friendly than their glass bottle counterparts. Many boxed wines will keep for 30 days to six weeks after being opened, which is great for anyone who likes to have a casual glass at a time without needing to worry about having a bottle go bad.

With those benefits of boxed wine in mind, I set out to discover if Franzia was really as bad as I remembered (it was) and if there were better options I would actually enjoy sipping on (there are!). Blackwell-Calvert also gave me some handy tips on what to look for in a boxed wine to get me started.

How we tested

While I’m no sommelier myself, I’ve done plenty of wine tastings over the years both in-person and virtually, plus I’ve taste-tested my way through a good number of canned wines. And, if we’re being honest, no real wine snobs are putting wine boxes in their cellars, so most boxed wines are made with casual wine enthusiasts in mind anyway. I enlisted the help of my fiance and some friends to help me taste-test on a (socially distant) outing to a nearby park where we sipped and compared a range of options to choose our favorites.

The best boxed wines to try in 2021

Bota Box
House Wine
Chateau Montaud Provence Rosé
Vin Vault

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