6 breastfeeding hacks to make feeding your baby a whole lot easier


Breastfeeding is an exhausting task. Between getting shamed for breastfeeding in public, dealing with breast engorgement, and having your milk leak, there is a lot that makes nursing your baby a challenge.

To make it a little easier, INSIDER spoke with postpartum doula Kristin Mejia and certified doula Arielle Fears of Music City Doulas to find the best breastfeeding tricks.

From specific positions to utilizing cabbage leaves, here is what they suggest.

1. Try breastfeeding on your side.

Mejia knows from personal experience that tip works.

“I have a fear that since my breasts are large, they will end up covering my daughter’s face,” she said. “But if I lie side to side with my baby, my breast can rest on the bed and my baby’s nose will not be pressed into my chest.”

The position is also reported to be good for when you are still in pain from giving birth.

2. Save all the breast milk you pump, unless it contains alcohol.

Mejia said it’s very common for moms to “pump and dump” — i.e. pump your milk and then dump it because you don’t see it as enough to keep.

But even if you only pump out two ounces, she says you should keep it.

Mejia found that her daughter often does not want a full bottle, but the small amount can be used to soothe her fussing throughout the day.

3. Try the Australian position to help your baby consume a fast flow.

If your baby seems to be choking on your milk, Mejia said you should try the Australian breastfeeding position. To achieve the position, the mother can recline on a pillow or a chair and then lie the baby on her chest vertically.

Mejia said this will help the baby control the pace of their suckle more easily. Additionally, it will help them practice latching, making it a good position to start with.

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