6 back-to-school supplies to keep students organized, according to a former high school teacher


As a former teacher, I’ve seen the negative effect poor organization can have on students.
Students who struggle with organization often think it’s impossible to get organized, but even just choosing one product on this list will help.
From highlighters to binders, these simple organizational tools can make a big difference for students of all ages.

To the Type-A obsessively organized out there, these products seem like common sense, but to a lot of my former students who can’t seem to locate their pencil for class each day let alone their homework, these organizational tools are just what they need to get the school year started off on the right foot.

Time after time, I’ve seen students lose points on assignments or tests and sometimes even take a zero because they can’t find their notes or materials they need. It’s frustrating for them and for their teachers because even though school isn’t testing them on how clean they keep their locker, some basic organizational skills are necessary to keep track of school supplies, notes, and assignments. Basic organization is also a lifelong skill that can help students succeed in their future career.

You don’t need to buy a ton of products to help your child get organized, and you don’t need to fork over a lot of money on them either. If getting organized at school overwhelms your child, start with just one thing on this list — a small improvement is better than no improvement.

As a former high school teacher, here are six simple products I recommend for students who are trying to be a little more organized this school year. A planner to keep track of everything

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If you only pick one thing on this list to help your child get organized, pick a planner. I know it’s easy enough to keep track of everything electronically, but having a physical planner can be an effective way to get organized and keep track of everything in one place — assignments, homework, tests, meetings, clubs, sports, jobs, and whatever else students need to juggle. Another con of trying to do it all electronically is that many schools ban phones during classes. If a teacher assigns homework during class, students can easily forget about it before they have a chance to put it in their phones.

My high school issued every student a planner, so the habit of using a paper planner was ingrained in me, and I still use one today to organize my life. When a student has a physical planner with them every day at school, it will remind them to use it and keep track of their life.

Highlighters for sprucing up planners and notes

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To those who are unorganized, this might seem like a big step, but it can take your student a long way. If they take my advice and use the planner, they can further …read more

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