5 Best Magnetic Nail Polish for Cat Eye Nails (2018)

Bottles of multichrome nail polish with magnet cat eye swatches

Magnetic nail polish combines a few of my favorite things: polish, science, and making my nails look like precious gemstones. I feel like I have my priorities down.

How does magnetic nail polish work?

We all played with magnets as a kid and magnetic nails are pretty much the exact same thing. Tiny iron shavings are suspended in nail polish and when you hold a magnet near it when it’s still wet, the iron shavings react and move around in the polish, creating the cat eye nails effect. For more info on the physics of it check out this Gizmodo article.

Why so much gel?

While there are some great regular polish magnetic options (and I’ve featured them below) most of the magnetic polish you’re going to come across are gel nail polish. Because gel has to be cured under a UV light in order to harden, gel magnetic polish gives you more playtime to apply your magnets since the polish isn’t going to dry until you want it to.

You just have to work a little faster with regular polish to get the cat eye effect before it dries.

How to apply magnetic polish for the best results.

Roll or shake your polish bottle. You can also lean it upside down for a few minutes to make sure the metallic particles haven’t all sunk to the bottom.
Apply a good base. Most magnetic polishes are a little sheer and look best over black.
One nail at a time, apply a coat of magnetic polish thicker than you normally would and place the magnet as close to the nail polish as possible in the angle you’d like to create your design. Give it a good count to 30 before you pull it away so the metals have time to rearrange themselves. If you’re using gel nail polish do not cure the polish until after you’ve applied your magnet.
Repeat the above with a second coat if needed.
Wait. You’ve got to give the polish time to dry and set the design before applying your top coat. (Unless you’re working with gel, then just cure that thing.)

Now you’ve got cat eye nails. It can take a little practice so don’t get discouraged.
So let’s hook you up with some polish.

What are the best magnetic nail polish brands?
Most Fun Effects: Born Pretty | Check it out on Amazon – $25.99
Most Dramatic: Nicole Diary | Check it out on Amazon – $25.59
Most Elegant: Gellen | Check it out on Amazon – $19.99
Most Convenient: Sally Hansen | Check it out on Amazon – $22.99
Best Cheap Set: Hirado | Check it out on Amazon – $12.98
1. Born Pretty – $25.99



Regular nail polish
Huge range of colors
Additional effects like multi-chrome, temperature changing, and holographic

Magnet not included
Too flashy for some

Born Pretty is known for their nail art supplies and they haven’t let …read more

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