31 of Blair Waldorf’s most memorable outfits on ‘Gossip Girl’

Blair Waldorf

The hit CW show “Gossip Girl” has always been known for two things: the drama that sucked you in no matter how ridiculous it got, and the clothes. The show’s costume designers decked out the cast in many covetable designer pieces. This was especially true when it came to dressing one of the show’s biggest characters, Blair Waldorf.

Blair, portrayed by Leighton Meester, reigned New York City as the chic preppy queen. Blair was an expert at mixing prints, made patterned tights and elaborate headbands a real-life trend, and was never shy about wearing color.

It’s hard to pick which of Blair’s outfits were the best, so below are a collection of 31 of her most memorable.

When she first made her appearance and looked very un-Blair-like, but it worked anyway.

The first time we get a glimpse of Blair, she’s wearing a black lace babydoll dress, black lace stockings, black heels, and a black bow headband. This is one of the only times you’ll see Blair in this much black, and she looks different here than she does in the rest of the series, but it’s still an iconic look.

When she showed off her classic Blair style in a bright yellow coat.

Blair always managed to make her boring school uniform look more interesting than it was by adding elaborate accessories. This bright yellow coat and equally bright red stockings is one example.

When she added pops of mustard to an otherwise drab look and it looked excellent.

This dark green poncho is a beauty, but it doesn’t really stand out like it does with these pops of mustard yellow. The fishnet stockings and mahogany colored heels only make this look better.

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