30 handy cooking tools we rely on in our own kitchens

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The Insider Reviews team has tested hundreds of handy cooking tools and gadgets, many of which we use every day.
From inexpensive cold brew makers to $150 Breville juicers and air fryers, even these 30 items have a permanent place in our kitchens and are never placed further than our arms can reach.
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I’m constantly surprised by the sheer amount of kitchen gadgets and cooking tools that exist. There’s a slicer, dicer, peeler, and chopper for just about every fruit and vegetable. There are specialized spatulas and pans for cooking all sorts of things. And you can even get machines that only make mini waffles. 

While many of these little gadgets and tools may seem novelty, some are actually pretty clever and useful. We use an inexpensive avocado slicer to prep our beloved avocados several times a week and we wouldn’t dream of making fish without our $6 spatula.

In fact, we’ve come to rely on those novelty kitchen gadgets more often than we’d like to admit. 

Here are 30 clever kitchen tools we use every day:
An indoor tabletop garden for herbs and vegetables

AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit
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I have an older version of this and have used it for the past two years to grow fresh herbs and tomatoes. It’s a fun gadget to grow essential ingredients to supplement what I’d usually buy at the grocery store, and depending how often you buy herbs like basil and mint, and veggies like tomatoes, it may or may not pay for itself over time. It takes up less room than a microwave and has its own grow lights, so it’ll be fine in small, windowless spaces. — Jada Wong, senior editor

Read our review of the Aerogarden here

A compact indoor tabletop garden

The Smart Garden 3 from Click and Grow
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Product Name: Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3
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Yes, I have two indoor tabletop gardens — they’re so fun and useful! I am using this one to grow basil while my Aerogarden is growing tomatoes. This looks a lot sleeker than my Aerogarden, but it’s also much smaller with only three spaces to grow instead of six. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome addition to my kitchen …read more

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