27 perfect greetings, poems and quotes for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is upon us (Picture: Getty)

Mother’s Day – also called Mothering Sunday – takes place today (Sunday, March 19) here in the UK.

Hopefully, you’ve already prepared a heartfelt card or gift, or even tried making something handmade.

You may also want to send a sweet poem, greeting or quote by phone, text or social media this morning – whether you’re meeting up later or are unable to get together in person.

Make your mum, or another maternal figure in your life, feel special with one of these thoughtful Mother’s Day messages…

Mother’s Day greetings for cards

Wishing you a calm and relaxing Mother’s Day, because you deserve it.

Thank you for everything you do for me, every act of love and kindness you’ve ever shown me.

To the best mum in the world, wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day.

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Thank you for being such a positive inspiration and influence on my life. I love you.

Mum, I wish we could be together this Mother’s Day. Miss you and can’t wait to celebrate with you soon. Hope you have a wonderful day.

I smile because I’m your child, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it!

Thanks for always looking after me and looking out for me. You’re the best.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful mum anyone could ever ask for.

Poems for Mother’s Day

To My Mother by Christina Rossetti

‘To-day’s your natal day;
Sweet flowers I bring:
Mother, accept, I pray
My offering.

And may you happy live,
And long us bless;
Receiving as you give
Great happiness.’

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Home by Carl Sandburg

‘Here is a thing my heart wishes the world had more of:
I heard it in the air of one night when I listened
To a mother singing softly to a child restless and angry
in the darkness.’

Thank God For Our Mothers by Julia Hunt

‘If life were without water, where would we be?
If life were without mothers,
There would be no you or me.
We all need to take hold, of how precious life really is, and not take for granted the gift of love and the ability to give.
Thank you to God for creating us all
For giving us our mothers
So we can stand proud and tall.
Humans are no accident, no mistake or error
We sometimes live our lives in fear of this,
Even to the point of terror.
But when the truth is told, and recognised by all, God does not create rubbish.
He knew what he was doing when he created me and you, but the best gift of all, is giving us loving, caring Mothers who love us unconditionally through and through.
None of us are perfect, that includes ourselves and family.
Hold onto how precious we are and thank God for our mothers.

(via 100 Best Poems)

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