26 thoughtful cookbook gifts for any occasion

26 cookbooks for every type of home cook update 4x3


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One of the best gifts for any home cook is a new cookbook that will inspire creativity in the kitchen. 
Paired with a note, a cookbook can make a thoughtful and sentimental gift that evokes past travels, memories, and shared meals.
Here are some of our favorite cookbooks to give this year, including “The Pepper Thai Cookbook,” “New World Sourdough,” and “Xi’an Famous Foods.”
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Cookbooks are some of my favorite gifts to both give and receive. They hit all the marks of a great gift: they’re easy to wrap, ship quickly, and can be easily customized to fit the receiver. There are thousands of cookbooks out there to suit every skill level, lifestyle, and interest, from ones based on favorite TV shows to celebrity cookbooks to volumes on cuisines from every corner of the world. Paired with a note, a cookbook makes an easy and thoughtful gift for almost any occasion. 

As someone who collects cookbooks and browses them regularly like some people browse coffee table books, I’ve come to appreciate what makes a great one — vivid photos, a fresh perspective, and rock-solid recipes. 

Here are 26 of the best cookbooks gifts for every type of cook:
For the person experimenting with a plant-based lifestyle this year

“Vegetable Kingdom” by Bryant Terry, $17.39, available at Amazon

James Beard Award-winning chef and food activist Bryant Terry offers 150 vegan recipes in his most recent cookbook. Instead of trying to imitate meaty dishes, Terry’s book celebrates the vegetable and all its parts: skin, husk, flowers, roots, and all. You’ll find recipes for Pea Shoot and Peanut Salad, Grilled Spring Onions with Lemon-Thyme Oil, Cornmeal-Fried Oyster Mushroom Po’Boys, and more. A special hallmark of Terry’s books is that they often contain a playlist to listen to while you’re cooking, and “Vegetable Kingdom” is no different, featuring recommended tracks by Duke Ellington, Santana, Björk, and more.

For the person who loves pie but fears making it

“Pie Academy” by Ken Haedrich, $26.49, available at Amazon

A compendium of 255 pie recipes, “Pie Academy” is likely the last pie cookbook you’ll ever need. It has nearly a dozen recipes for different types of pie crust, a troubleshooting section for when things don’t go as expected, and chapters organized by seasonality and filling type. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the pie lover in your life, especially one who is interested in making pies but has always found them a bit daunting. 

For the home cook that also loves to read

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