25 dumplings from around the world that you’ll want to try


Dumplings are a magical, ubiquitous food that can be found almost anywhere in the world. From Germany’s potato dumpling, kartoffelknoedel, to China’s black sesame paste-filled dessert, tangyuan, most cuisines offer up their own unique version of the deliciously stuffed dough pocket. Whether sweet or savory, meat or vegetarian, filled with broth or bean paste, the options of what can be wrapped up in dough are endless.

We’ve rounded up 25 different types of dumplings from across the globe to give you a sampling of how this type of food has managed to become an integral part of so many countries’ cuisines.

Modak is a traditional Indian dessert dumpling shaped like a teardrop.

Modak is filled with coconut, nutmeg, saffron and jaggery, a type of cane sugar. This treat has a wrap made of rice flour and is most often eaten during the Ganesh festival in August. According to IndiaToday, Hindu diety Lord Ganesha loves modak so much, he is often called is called “modapriya” or the lover of modaks.

Banh bot loc is a popular Vietnamese snack food.

Banh bot loc hails from Central Vietnam. Banh bot loc are small pork and shrimp dumplings made with translucent wrappers made from tapioca flour, which gets chewy once cooked. Banh bot loc can be found either steamed and wrapped in banana leaves or boiled, and are served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.

Kartoffelknoedel is a perfect pairing for meat dishes.

Kartoffelknoedel, or potato dumplings, can be found throughout Germany most often as an accompaniment to hearty, meat dishes. They can be boiled, steamed, stuffed with both sweet or savory fillings, like sauerkraut and bacon, or eaten plain.

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