23 useful tech gifts moms will enjoy this Valentine’s Day

Bellabeat leaf chakra

The top tech gifts for Mom are those that upgrade her life in fun and simple ways.
We’ve found some of the best tech gifts for moms that are just too hard to resist.
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Also, if tech won’t fo the trick, we’ve got gift ideas for Mom as well as gift ideas for new parents.

Moms — parents in general, really — have generally been derided as Luddites or tech-illiterate, but as tech grows more mainstream every day, that’s no longer the case (if it ever even was). Regardless of whether the mom in your life is tech savvy, surely she can benefit from one or more of the tech gifts we’ve dug up specifically for moms.

Whether she’s a total bookworm, a fitness nut, or a new mother who wants the best for her kid, we’ve found at least one excellent tech gift for her.

The 5 best tech gifts for mom:
A simple watch with smarts
A smart display for pictures, video, and more
A smart mug that keeps drinks hot
A simple fitness tracker
A water-resistant ebook reader
A fun grip for her phone

Shop all PopSockets grips for $10 and up

Tech products can look and feel generic until we put our stamp on them, and PopSocket grips are a great way to add personality to a boring phone or case. PopSockets has hundreds, if not thousands, of fun phone grips in all kinds of materials, colors, and patterns. No matter what your mom likes, you’re sure to find a style that will match her taste and personality.

In addition to looking super cute, PopSocket grips make it easier to hold a large phone comfortably, give a better grip, and also double as a kickstand for watching video or sharing photos with others. These grips are among the best iPhone accessories I’ve tried.

A piece of smart jewelry

Bellabeat Leaf Urban and Leaf Chakra, available at Amazon, from $128.66

If your mom cares more about style than high-tech features, but she still wants a piece of tech to track her activity, she may love a piece of smart jewelry. Bellabeat makes our favorite smart jewelry — hands down. Both the Leaf Urban and the Chakra are lovely pieces of smart jewelry that can be worn as pendants on a necklace or as a clip on clothing. If your mom prefers bracelets, the Leaf Urban can also be worn as a bracelet.

Both models track activity and sleep quality. Your mom can also use the app to keep tabs on how much water she drinks, her period, and her mindfulness minutes. The app even has a cool meditation …read more

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