178 of the most promising startups in 2021 in tech, finance, retail, healthcare, consumer, and more, according to VCs

From left: Li Jin, Hans Tung, Gabby Cazeau, and Mike Duboe

We asked hundreds of top venture capitalists to name the most promising startups of 2021.
VCs were asked to name companies inside and outside of their portfolios.
They delivered an exciting list across industries like fintech, healthcare, adtech and beyond.

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These 46 companies are some of the most promising startups overall, according to VCs

Our first list of startups included those named by multiple VCs as being the top ones, overall, to watch.

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These fintech startups are revamping how companies manage, borrow and use money, and are challenging old-school finance.
From left: Karim Atiyeh and Eric Glyman, founders of Ramp; Shuo Wang, cofounder and CRO of Deel; Stephany Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Orum; and Richie Serna, founder and CEO of Finix.

Advancements in e-commerce and business management were especially high priorities to these founders.

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These fintech startups are changing how consumers interact with everything from banking to stock investing.
From left: Billie Simmons, cofounder and COO of Daylight; Donald Hawkins and Asya Bradley, cofounders of First Boulevard; Rob Curtis, cofounder and CEO of Daylight.

These startups are working to make the average consumer take control of their finances, from managing their investments to keeping track of their daily finances.

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These healthcare startups are bringing especially important new technologies to a world ravaged by the pandemic.
Elektra Health co-founders Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi.

The pandemic showed us that some parts of our healthcare systems need major upgrades.

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These retail startups have the best potential to grow in a new hybrid environment where online and physical shopping are both here to stay.
Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund, Josh Stein of Threshold Ventures, Anu Duggal of Female Founders Fund, and Candice Matthews Brackeen of Lightship Capital.

From helping shoppers with grocery delivery to providing climate friendly products, retail innovations are increasing fast.

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These startups are overhauling the consumer experience in areas like education and mental health.
Grace Chou, principal of Felicis Ventures; Annelies Gamble, partner of Scribble Ventures; Ilan Abehassera, cofounder of Diaspora Ventures; Scott Belsky, founder of Angel.

These startups run the gambit, from online college learning to mental healthcare outreach, all aimed at consumers.

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