14 affordable skincare companies that prove expensive doesn’t always mean better

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Sometimes a skincare splurge is worth it, but there are plenty of affordable options that can cover all the bases.
Below are 14 affordable skincare brands that make under-$50 skincare basics we like to stock in our own cabinets.
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Skincare, with its never-ending carousel of options and well-funded marketing campaigns, can be confusing and expensive to shop. Without expert recommendations or the time and funds to do all the field-testing on your own, it’s sometimes tempting to just trust whatever is priciest because, hey, if it’s this expensive, it must be good, right?

But that’s not necessarily true — and, often, it isn’t the case after a certain threshold. It’s no great secret that certain clinical heavy-hitters work, or that products sold for $30 can be made by the same cosmetics teams that work on $300 tubs of cream. And while sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on beauty products, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re buying a better product.

There are plenty of affordable skincare brands that perform as well or better than luxury products, at a fraction of the cost. Thankfully, most of what the Insider Reviews team does is test new products for their quality and value. To cherry-pick a few affordable basics that are definitely worth your time, find our favorite affordable skincare brands — and product recommendations — below. 

Below are 14 affordable skincare brands you should know about in 2020:
The Ordinary

Price range: $6-$29
Where to buy it: Ulta

The Ordinary is a well-loved, affordable skincare brand known for “clinical formulations with integrity.” In other words, for using familiar, effective clinical technologies with transparent communication and pricing. The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution is one of its most popular products for its gentle exfoliation for better skin brightness and clarity.

Product Embed:
Product Name: The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
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Height: 150%Product Embed:
Product Name: The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution
Card Type: small
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Height: 150%Product Embed:
Product Name: The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser
Card Type: small
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Price range: $19-28
Where to buy it: Maelove

Maelove is a relatively new skincare line priced entirely under $30 that was founded by MIT graduates. Eschewing the marketing schemes that make luxury $300 lotions the norm and skincare confusing and expensive, Maelove makes simple, effective skincare products for all skin types in the same high-end cosmetics labs that luxury brands use.

Its cult-favorite $28 …read more

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