13 striking photos of soldiers and civilians commemorating Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2020, Vietnam veteran

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Veterans Day is a holiday where Americans celebrate and honor those who have served.

The holiday originally started as a day to remember the sacrifices of American troops during World War I. Originally called “Armistice Day,” it was first observed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919.

In 1954, Congress and President Dwight D. Eisenhower passed a bill that made the holiday official. The name “Armistice Day” was changed to “Veterans Day” to honor all veterans from all of America’s wars.

“For their love of country and dedication to duty, America’s veterans have endured adversity, loneliness, fatigue, loss, and made other incredible sacrifices,” President Donald Trump said in a proclamation Wednesday. “I encourage all Americans to recognize the fortitude and sacrifice of our veterans through public ceremonies and private thoughts and prayers.”

These photos show the way veteran, active duty soldiers, and civilians celebrate Veterans Day.

Editor’s note: Ben Brimelow contributed to an earlier version of this article. This article was originally published in 2017.

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Veterans Day started first as a day to remember the sacrifices of American troops during WWI — here, an effigy of ex-Kaiser Wilhelm is carried by crowds during an impromptu parade on Armistice Day in New York in 1918.

These two women, saluting at a Veterans Day parade in 2001, served as army nurses during WWII.

Prayer services and ceremonies are common on Veterans Day. American soldiers pray during a ceremony marking Veterans Day at the US Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2009.

US soldiers, sailors, and airmen around the world observe Veteran’s Day, even on active duty in war zones. These US soldiers attended a ceremony commemorating Veterans Day at the Bagram airfield north of Kabul in 2011.

Remembering loved ones lost to war is important for many people. This mother visited her son’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day in 2011.

Parades are very common, with the biggest being in New York City. Here, members of the armed forces hold a US flag during NYC’s Veterans Day parade in 2015.

Parades aren’t just made up of soldiers and veterans. Children march during many parades, such as these children at the Veterans Day parade in New York City in 2016.

Remembrance is an important part of Veterans Day. Here, a man reaches up to touch a name upon the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC in 2017.

Paying respects to friends and comrades lost on the battlefield is a sacred duty to veterans. Army Sgt. James Luong of Chandler, Arizona, kneels at the grave of a friend at Arlington National Cemetery a day before Veterans Day in 2017.

Veterans Day is also a good day to teach younger generations about the sacrifices people have made. This 4-year-old shares his name, Hunter, with the grandfather he’s bringing flowers to at Arlington in 2017.

Civilians often frequent public war memorials to honor loved ones.

National monuments and public places are often decorated in red, white, and blue to honor those …read more

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