12 myths about buying plane tickets that are actually costing you money

From regional pricing to flight search engines, there are many variables that determine how much you pay for air travel.

Here are 12 misconceptions about plane tickets ― and how you can actually save money when booking your next trip.

MYTH: Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to purchase tickets.

Although it might not be true that Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy plane tickets, prices can be more affordable on certain weekdays.

According to a 2017 report by Bloomberg that analyzed data from the airfare forecasting company Hopper, the Tuesday rule only applies to 1.6% of domestic US flights, and only if you book right at midnight. Even if you complete the sale at 12 on the dot, you’re going to save just $18 on average.

Larger discounts do exist ― but they’re more common for international flights. 900 of the 3,500 global routes that Hopper examined offered an average discount of $20 per ticket on Thursdays, with 600 routes shaving off $30 on Mondays.

Thursdays are also the best bet for cheaper domestic flights. Hopper found that, on average, 3,500 out of 7,500 domestic routes lowered prices by $12 that day. On Wednesdays, 3,000 US routes offered a similar discount.

MYTH: Some destinations are always pricey.

With data from the flight search engine Hipmunk, GoBankingRates determined the cheapest destination to visit every month of the year.

If you time your trip right (and are open to smaller cities like Lille, France, and Comporta, Portugal), the savings will be worthwhile. For instance, if you plan to go in May, you can fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for as low as $750 instead of $2,000 or more.

MYTH: The earlier you book tickets, the more money you’ll save.

To determine the best time to book a flight, analyzed more than 917 million airfares (and millions of trips) across 8,000 markets.

By booking between 169 and 319 days in advance, you’ll have the most options for airlines and seats ― but you’ll pay an average of $50 more per ticket. According to CheapAir, the prime booking window (the time frame when you’ll save the most) is 21 to 121 days before your departure.

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