10 tips to help you deal with travel anxiety


Traveling can cause stress and anxiety.
Anxious travelers should make sure to be as prepared as possible for their journey.
Traveling with others, using relaxation techniques, and talking to a mental health professional could also help ease travel anxiety.

Travel can be a thrilling adventure, but for some people, it can also trigger major anxiety and stress. Whether it’s spending hours in a cramped airplane cabin or finding your way around a new city, traveling can present unique challenges and stumbling blocks for people with anxiety.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you deal with travel anxiety.

Don’t leave anything to the last minute

Preparing for a trip can be stressful even if you don’t struggle with anxiety. In order to make your travel experience as calm as possible, try to make sure you’re completely ready to go a full 24 hours before you actually need to depart.

According to the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT), planning ahead is a crucial part of avoiding anxiety during travel.

For most people, this preparation will involve having your bags completely packed, printing out any tickets or reservations, and checking in to all flights. You might also want to book taxis in advance, prep your meals for your travel day, and set out your traveling clothes.

If possible, try to travel with others

Solo travel can be a rewarding experience, but anxious travelers might benefit from having someone at their side. Enlisting a trusted friend or relative to share the burden of planning, provide reassurance, and help navigate unfamiliar surroundings can decrease stress levels.

If you need to travel alone, try scheduling regular check-in times with family members or friends to keep you feeling connected and help you talk through any travel-related stress you might be experiencing.

Squeeze in some exercise before your trip

For an easy way to quickly allay anxiety before a trip, try scheduling a bit of pre-travel exercise.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins that can reduce tension, improve mood, and decrease stress. In fact, just five minutes of aerobic exercise can begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

If you’re feeling anxious about being cooped up in a crowded plane or worried about navigating an unfamiliar city, a brisk walk might help.

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Avoid alcohol and caffeine to keep your anxiety in check

Being on vacation might seem like the perfect reason to indulge in a cocktail or extra cup of coffee, but experts warn that alcohol and caffeine should be avoided if you’re looking to keep anxiety to a minimum.

According to the ADAA, these substances can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. Opt for an alcohol- and caffeine-free treats like a fruit smoothie, sparkling water, or decaffeinated coffee instead.

Indulge in soothing activities at your destination

Self-care can be an important part of …read more

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