10 Hyper Universe Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Hyper Universe Xbox One

Nexon America’s PC MOBA, Hyper Universe, has finally made its way over to Xbox One.

This strategic brawler features a nice variety of powerful heroes known as “Hypers.” Players of all skill levels can test their mettle and try to master the game’s many character archetypes. You can battle to the death via intense 4v4 online multiplayer skirmishes.

Or you can go the co-op route by jumping into 1-4 player battles against the AI. For Xbox One players who want a better idea of how to rule the battlefield, we’re here to help. Thanks to Nexon America’s Larry Bolden, Hyper Universe Submission Specialist, and Sam Goldner, member of the Hyper Universe Content Team, we now have an essential tips guide in place.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Hyper Universe.

1. Use Specialists Wisely

Nexon America

• When using a Specialist Hyper, be sure to stick with your teammates when the fight starts, as this is where your damage-dealing abilities with have the most effect. Specialists’ abilities have a large area of effect and are efficient at crowd control, which means that even if they aren’t great soloists, they’re invaluable in team fights.

2. Let Tanks Be Tanks!

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• Tanks have the largest health pool of all Hypers. Make sure to lead the charge with these characters so they can soak up damage from enemy Hypers and Turrets while the rest of your team pushes forward to victory!

3. A Little Crowd Control Never Hurt…

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• Bruisers have great crowd control abilities that can seriously turn the tide of a fight. Try to coordinate with your teammates so that your Bruisers can effectively chain their crowd control abilities together.

4. Assassinate the Opposition

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• Assassins are best at isolating and taking down opponents — try using hit and run tactics to catch enemy players while they’re scouring for resources around the map to eliminate them before they even know what’s happened.

5. Strike Through Your Enemies

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• Strikers are devastating later on in the match once they have leveled up and upgraded their equipment. An upgraded Striker can break through an enemy team’s charge, but in the early game, Strikers need to be more careful about when and how they attack. Remember that each Striker has an escape move to help them avoid any counter-attacks.

6. A Little Support Goes a Long Way

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• While playing as a Support Hyper, you should focus on staying with your team and keeping them buffed and/or healed — but always watch your back on the mini-map, as you’ll be a prime target for Strikers and Assassins.

7. Alternate Your Attacks

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• Use primary attacks to help regenerate your mana. Special attacks drain mana, so don’t be afraid to pepper in some primary attacks to help you stick in the fight longer.

8. Slay the Dragon (and the Invader)

Nexon America

• Defeat the Dragon hiding deep in Dragon Refuge and the Invader MK II in the bottom floor of …read more

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