10 Best USB Speakers for Your Laptop (2018)

Laptops are smaller and more portable than ever.

This is convenient when you are on the move, but this inhibits their use as an entertainment center when you are using it at home.

If you think your screen is too small, wait until you try to bump some music. Embedded speakers simply don’t make the cut.

The problem is that onboard laptop speakers are simply too small to put out the volume or frequency response that you need to actually enjoy music and movies.

A set of high quality PC speakers is a handy fix, but a more portable USB-powered equivalent is even better for use with an on the go device.

Portable USB speakers can slip into a bag easily, and don’t require batteries or AC power. They offer solid stereo sound for an incredibly low price.

If you need a pair of laptop speakers that can go everywhere your computer can, then a USB pair is just right for you.

We’ve made finding the right pair easy by rounding up our ten favorite pairs with consideration to sound, portability, and price.

Read on below to browse our picks for the best USB speakers for your laptop.

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