The future is clear: Transparent bags are the new concert T-shirt

We went to the Paul McCartney show at SAP Center on Wednesday night with the hottest new item in concert fashion: A clear, 12-inch-by-12-inch backpack.

The three-hour concert by the former Beatle — a fantastic show, if that needed to be said — was the first major event at SAP Center since it rolled out the new clear-bag policy July 1, joining a growing list of stadiums and arenas that have done so since the NFL led the way in 2013. If I had a time machine, I’d go back a few years and dump every penny I could find into a company that makes clear backpacks. It would be like buying Apple stock in 1980.

The new policy was not without its bumps. There were lines snaking around both sides of the downtown San Jose arena more than an hour before the show, but it went relatively fast and smoothly once things got moving. For those who didn’t know about the new policy, an outdoor bag check was available for $5. (Anyone going to the Queen + Adam Lambert show Sunday at SAP Center can consider themselves forewarned.)

For us, the backpack took the place of my wife’s purse, so it held her wallet, keys, an empty water bottle, a phone and a sweatshirt. You can still bring in a clutch purse for personal items you may not want everyone to see, but the screeners will look through that, too.

Guys, of course, can stuff all the non-metal items you want into the pockets of your pants and no one’s the wiser. Which makes me wonder how long it’ll be before we all have to wear clear pants to concerts and sporting events. Better jump on it now while there’s still time to invest.

HUNTING HIGH AND LOW: If there’s anything we love more than parks around here, it’s cash. So to celebrate National Park and Recreation Month, the San Jose Parks Foundation has put together a series of weekend scavenger hunts all month with a $500 prize attached.

The name of the game is Explore Your Parks, and it takes place each Saturday and Sunday in July. Clues are publicized every hour from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on social media (follow @sjparksandrec and @SanJoseParks) as well as on KSOL 98.9 FM and Saigon Radio 1430 AM. The clues will lead you to a park or community center somewhere in San Jose where they can search for a hidden token. The tokens will indicate another place to meet at 2 p.m. where participants will have a chance to win the cash prize.

And don’t worry that the Parks Foundation is giving away $1,000 each weekend that could be put to better use at our parks. The point of the contest is to get more people into the parks — and dangling a bribe ain’t a bad idea — and funds for the cash prizes was donated by Turner Construction and the Schoennauer Company.


Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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