Plan a mini road trip to these immersive outdoor art installations around Colorado

Colorado wilderness is often its own destination, but sometimes, tucked away in the natural landscape, visitors can find something even more enticing: immersive art installations that play off elements of nature. More and more, artists are creating large art installations and performance spaces that become destinations in and of themselves, rather than just being quirky road-side attractions along the way.

Immersive art — both visual and performance — is art that allows people to experience it through multiple senses in less traditional settings. Unlike traditional outdoor sculpture that is made to endure the elements, many of these pieces or shows are temporary in nature. While there is indoor immersive art (think Meow Wolf of Santa Fe, which will open in Denver in 2021), part of the appeal is catching these experiences while you can.

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Whether it’s music, sculpture, painting or another art form, the boundary between audience and artist is disappearing as people become immersed in these creations for unique experiences.

The Purple Fox Conundrum in Mancos

In what sounds like a very ambitious blend of art disciplines set on a southern Colorado farm, the Purple Fox Conundrum — “an interactive, outdoor theatrical performance and art adventure” in Mancos — will debut on Oct. 4 and 5.

“Immersive art is something sensory-oriented where you can become part of it,” explained Sarah Syverson, executive producer of the Purple Fox Conundrum.

Syverson, who also hosts the podcast, “The Raven Narratives,” said she was inspired by the Off-Center theater programs at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and the beauty of her surroundings where she lives in this southern pocket of Colorado.

“I grew up in Montana in a rural community, and I have a real love for the arts,” she said. “Sometimes, it feels like all the cool and interesting stuff is only happening in urban areas, but here, we have this grand theatrical space.”

The Purple Fox Conundrum will take place on the 370-acre Sacred Song Farm, where the audience will walk a one-mile path through various “portals” that invite them from one world — and sensation — to the next. The 90-minute experience (note that it’s not called a show) will take groups of 15 in 10-minute intervals between 14 different vignettes spread across the land.

It all begins with a bit of a modern detox, making people aware of their overstimulated lives on digital devices. “The vignettes move from synthetic into a more whimsical world and vast world,” Syverson said.

As she describes a “wilderness of mirrors” and “path of untruths” with faux French food critics presenting the, er, conundrum between artisan bread topped with juniper jam versus classic white bread smeared with grape jelly, it’s easy to conjure up a scene from a Wes Anderson movie.
At some point during the experience, people will encounter a 14-foot blue chair that’s meant to invite contemplation on perspective. And there’s also a purple fox (well, a person dressed …read more

Source:: The Denver Post – Lifestyle


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