Many presidents welcomed dogs into the White House. Trump says he’s too busy.

President Trump’s critics now have one more thing to criticize him about.

On Monday, the president told a crowd in El Paso, Texas, that while he “wouldn’t mind having” a dog, “I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”Related Articles

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He’d probably look just like any of his many White House predecessors who decided that they had the time to have the a dog.

As The Independent reported back in 2017, “Donald Trump could become the first US President for nearly 130 years not to have a canine companion in the White House. Most American Presidents have had a least one dog, and many have had several.” As it turns out, the paper reported, the last commander-in-chief to go dog-less while in office was William McKinley, who happened to die of “gangrene a year into his second term after a failed assassination attempt.”

From the Presidential Pet Museum (yes, that’s a thing), here are our presidents over the past 100 years who had dogs in office:

President Barack Obama, 2009-17
Bo, Portuguese water dog
Sunny, Portuguese water dog

President George W. Bush, 2001-09
Miss Beazley, Scottish terrier
Spot, English springer spaniel, offspring of dad George H.W. Bush’s dog Millie
Barney, Scottish terrier

President Bill Clinton, 1993-2001
Buddy, Labrador retriever

President George H.W. Bush, 1989-93
Millie, English springer spaniel
Ranger, one of Millie’s puppies

President Ronald Reagan, 1981-89
Lucky, Bouvier des Flandres
Rex, Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Victory, golden retriever
Peggy, Irish setter
Taca, Siberian husky
Fuzzy, Belgian sheepdog

President Jimmy Carter, 1977-81
Grits, border collie
Lewis Brown, Afghan hound

President Gerald Ford, 1974-77
Liberty, golden retriever
Misty, one of Liberty’s puppies
Lucky, dog

President Richard Nixon, 1969-74
Checkers, Nixon’s dog while vice president
Vicky, poodle
Pasha, terrier
King Timahoe, Irish setter

President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963-69
Him and Her, beagles
Edgar and Freckles, beagles
Blanco, collie
Yuki, mixed-breed dog

President John F. Kennedy, 1961-63
Charlie, Welsh terrier
Gaullie, French poodle
Pushinka, mixed-breed dog (gift from Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev)
Shannon, cocker spaniel
Wolf, Irish wolfhound
Clipper, German shepherd
Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie, Streaker — Pushinka and Charlie’s puppies

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953-61
Heidi, Weimaraner

President Harry S. Truman, 1945-53
Feller, cocker spaniel
Mike, first daughter Margaret Truman’s Irish setter

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-45
Major, German shepherd
Meggie, Scottish terrier
Winks, Llewellyn setter
Tiny, Old English sheepdog
President, Great Dane
Fala, famed Scottish terrier
Blaze, first son Elliott Roosevelt’s English bullmastiff

President Herbert Hoover, 1929-33
King Tut, Belgian shepherd
Pat, German shepherd
Big Ben, fox terrier
Sonny, fox terrier
Glen, Scottish collie
Yukon, Siberian husky
Patrick, wolfhound
Eaglehurst Gillette, setter
Weejie, elkhound

President Calvin Coolidge, 1923-29
Prudence Prim, female white collie
Rob Roy, male white collie
Peter Pan, terrier
Paul Pry, an Airedale terrier
Calamity Jane, Shetland sheepdog
Tiny Tim, chow
Blackberry, chow
Ruby Rouch, brown collie
Bessie, collie
Boston Beans, bulldog
King Cole, Belgian shepherd
Palo Alto, bird dog

President Warren Harding, 1921-23
Laddie Boy, Airedale terrier
Old Boy, English bulldog

President Woodrow Wilson, 1913-21
Davie, Airedale terrier
Mountain Boy, greyhound
Bruce, bull terrier

President William Howard Taft, 1909-13

Caruso (no breed specified)

President Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-09

Pete, a bull terrier
Rollo, Saint Bernard
Sailor Boy, Chesapeake Bay retriever
Blackjack (Jack), first son …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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