Letter: Tobacco study reveals stores targeting youth

Tobacco study reveals
stores targeting youth

I am a member of the Youth Tobacco Advocacy and Policy Project. In 2016, my peers and we conducted a survey in San Pablo to map out tobacco influences. We did this survey to show how tobacco is targeting our communities and our youth. We presented what we found to the San Pablo City Council in March.

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There are 28 stores selling tobacco within 1,000 feet of one of the nine schools in San Pablo. Menthol cigarettes, cheap flavored mini cigars and electronic smoking devices are being targeted at youth.

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There are many cities and counties around the country taking steps to protect their youth and community from a lifetime of addiction. Studies show that more youth smoke when stores near schools sell tobacco products. We hope that the results of our survey in San Pablo help guide this conversation.

Phillip Banks
San Pablo
Norma Perez

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Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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