Letter: My health has been badly damaged by junk science

The role of meat in our
diet correctly researched

Re: “Eat less red meat — bad advice?” (Page A2, Oct. 2):

I would find the negative reaction to the exoneration of dietary red meat amusing if my health had not been so badly damaged by the inexcusable junk science of the past 70 years.

The role of meats in our diet has been correctly researched and validly supported since the mid-1800s. Starting at about 1950, incorrect statistical studies have caught the eye of the media and labeled meat and fat as health hazards. Eating sugar as a substitute became a fad while the correct science was ignored. Everyone can Google all of the studies and read the analyses.

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I have been fighting obesity, back pain and other health consequences of the corruption of popular health science much of my adult life. I can only encourage dietitians to put on your skeptical hats and seek out good science as I have been doing for 20 years.

Richard Yanda
San Jose

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