Harriette Cole: We found letters from dad’s other woman but my mom won’t let me read them

DEAR HARRIETTE: My father passed away a few years ago, and we just got around to packing up the rest of his belongings because my mother decided to sell her house.

Harriette Cole

While we were going through the things in his office, we found a box with letters in it that turned out to be from another woman. It turns out he had an affair for an extended period of time, as detailed in this pack of letters.

My mother immediately took the letters away and has refused to talk about it, but she seemed visibly upset.

Should we press her on this? I am curious about this new discovery, and I wish I could actually read the letters, but she has them now. Should my siblings and I query her on this situation, and would it be wrong for me to ask if I can read them?

Troubling Discovery

DEAR TROUBLING DISCOVERY: Your father’s affair is none of your business. You should not ask to read the letters. You should not press her about this at all.

If she wants to talk about it, she will open up to you. For now, leave it alone.

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