‘Young Sheldon’ Will End With Season 7, Series’ Finale Date Has Been Set

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It’s official: Young Sheldon will come to an end with its final, seventh season. CBS has finally announced that the beloved The Big Bang Theory prequel will end with its seventh season. The news shouldn’t come as a big surprise to fans of the series. It has long been theorized that the show would wrap with the death of George Cooper and Sheldon Cooper’s move to California. The wait for a conclusion won’t be long, either. Even the official finale date appears to be set in stone. 

‘Young Sheldon’ will return to CBS for its final season in February

Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is officially over, actors are heading back to the set. The cast of Young Sheldon was headed back to the soundstage just days after the strike ended, but their return is bittersweet. Season 7 of Young Sheldon will officially be its last. 

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Deadline broke the news on Nov. 14, and now even more details of the prequel’s final season are being made available. While we have yet to learn what is in store for fans during the show’s rollercoaster final season, we do know when they can begin tuning in. Season 7 of Young Sheldon will premiere on Feb. 15. 

‘Young Sheldon’s’ final season will be abbreviated 

Young Sheldon might not get the send-off that fans had originally hoped for. In fact, it doesn’t sound like the show’s final season will be what the actors envisioned either. The last season of Young Sheldon will be abbreviated. The series’ final chapter will include just 14 episodes. Each previous season had 22 episodes. 

Though abbreviated, the cast seems excited to get back to work. So, when can fans expect to say goodbye to East Texas? According to TV Line, The show will end with a one-hour special on May 16. 

There is more coming from the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ universe

While it is sad to see the Coopers go, the series has done exactly what it set out to do. The cancelation of Young Sheldon is also made a bit easier because this is, presumably, not the last we will be hearing from the characters popularized in The Big Bang Theory. Another spinoff is in development. 

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