Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII? Kelce Says He’s Not ‘Focused’ on Engagement

Travis Kelce smiling while embracing Taylor Swift after a Kansas City Chiefs game
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As the Kansas City Chiefs head to Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024, fans can’t stop talking about tight end Travis Kelce and superstar Taylor Swift. The football star and the pop singer’s romance seemingly came out of nowhere in 2023. Now, rumors of a possible engagement continue to swirl. Will Kelce propose to Swift at the Super Bowl? Here’s what insiders believe.

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are hitting six months of dating when Super Bowl LVIII happens. And the two appear madly in love. The Kansas City Chiefs player and the pop queen don’t speak too openly about their romance. But insiders believe Swift has finally found her forever man she’ll marry.

If the Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII, it might be the perfect time for Kelce to pop the question. Is an engagement on the horizon? Eric Schiffer, chairman of the Los Angeles-based firm Reputation Management Consultants, said there’s a solid chance of an engagement if the Chiefs win.

“I think the probability of there being a proposal in February is at its highest level if the Chiefs win,” Schiffer told The Sun. “It would be the most amazing television moment of the century and would have people so excited and happy and overjoyed. So, it certainly has crossed my mind and I’m sure Travis’ as well. If he’s planning on proposing in the next six months, you couldn’t have a better opportunity.”

While a proposal on the field would be incredible for fans to witness, it seems unlikely to happen. Kelce remains focused on the game. And there’s no guarantee that Swift will make it to the Super Bowl on time following her show in Japan.

Travis Kelce says he’s not ‘focused’ on giving Taylor Swift a ring at the moment

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift | Patrick Smith/Getty Images


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Interviewers asked Travis Kelce about a potential engagement with Taylor Swift following Super Bowl LVIII. He didn’t say much about the idea except that he’s not “focused” on any ring but the Super Bowl ring.

“I’m focused on getting this ring,” Kelce said, referring to the game. “That’s all that my mind’s focused on right now.”

An interviewer with Extra asked Kelce what he thinks of the bet fans made regarding him and Swift’s future engagement. “These bets are crazy,” Kelce told Extra.

If Kelce and Swift decide to throw caution to the wind and exchange vows after Super Bowl LVIII for a truly epic love story, the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas offered its services.

“Taylor and Travis — you two have enough on your plate, so let us take care of you!” the chapel announced. “Whatever you want, our chapel is ready to take care of you!!”

A source said that the couple plans on a July 2024 engagement

Fans would love …read more

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