‘Wednesday’ Episode 4 Recap: Wednesday Uncovers Another Piece of the Monster Puzzle

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Xavier (Percy Hynes White) in episode 2 of 'Wednesday'

Netflix‘s Wednesday Episode 4 gives Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) even more information regarding the monster killing Jericho residents. But just when Wednesday thinks she has pinpointed who the monster really is, there’s another twist in the case and worse, another attack.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Wednesday Episode 4 “Woe What A Night.”]

‘Wednesday’ Episode 4 reveals the monster’s victims are connected 

Wednesday’s not only trying to find herself in this series — she’s trying to solve a mystery. There’s a monster plaguing Jericho and Wednesday wants to know why.

Strangely enough, the monster prevented Rowan (Calum Ross) from killing Wednesday in the first episode of the series. But ever since, it’s been gutting Jericho residents like it has something to prove.

At the end of Wednesday Episode 2, the man squatting in what used to be Joseph Crackstone’s meeting house becomes the monster’s next victim. When Wednesday goes to the morgue to investigate, she discovers the body is missing a left foot. 

With a little help from Thing, who procured the files of the previous victims, Wednesday pieces together what all of the victims have in common — each is missing a body part. From a foot to a kidney, fingers, and toes, the bodies this monster goes after all have a part surgically removed. 

As our woefully intelligent protagonist pointed out in Wednesday Episode 3, the monster is part human. Could this be part of some kind of experiment the human version of the monster is conducting?  

Xavier becomes a prime suspect in Wednesday’s monster investigation 

Episode 4 of Wednesday explains how Xavier (Percy Hynes White) got the scratches that appear on his neck. The episode also reveals the drawings of the monster Xavier has been keeping locked away in his secret studio. 

As Wednesday dives deeper into her investigation, Xavier seems like suspect number one. He knows exactly what the monster looks like — how else could he know those details if he’s not the monster himself, or at the very least close to it? 

Wednesday takes it upon herself to investigate a mysterious cave from one of Xavier’s drawings — it appears to be the monster’s dwelling. There, she finds a claw, which will be useful in providing Sheriff Galpin (Jamie McShane) with more “concrete” evidence as to who the monster is.

Armed with the claw and a rag made bloody by Xavier’s neck wounds, Wednesday seems ready to take down this monster Xavier once and for all. But when he reveals how he really got the wounds, Wednesday’s melancholy tune changes. 

Xavier Thorpe probably isn’t the monster

As explained in Wednesday Episode 4, Xavier has been having nightmares about the monster plaguing Jericho. So, being the artist that he is, he decided to draw the creature. 

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams and Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe, who can draw things that come to life | Netflix

Thanks to his ability to create art that comes to life, Xavier’s neck wounds are a result of one of his drawings reaching out and scratching him. While this …read more

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