Tina Turner’s Daughter-In-Law Wants to Use Late Husband Ronnie’s Sperm to Have a Baby

Tina Turner, Ike Turner, and their kids sitting around them: Michael Turner, Ike Turner, Jr., Craig Hill, and Ronnie Turner
Tina Turner, Ike Turner, and their kids | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Tina Turner’s daughter-in-law, Afida Turner, lost her husband, Ronnie Turner, to cancer in 2022. Ronnie was the only biological child of Tina and Ike Turner, and Tina’s death quickly followed his. Several months after Ronnie’s death, Afida discussed using Ronnie’s sperm to have a baby. Here’s what she said.

Tina Turner’s daughter-in-law wants to have a baby with the late Ronnie Turner’s sperm

Tina Turner’s daughter-in-law, Afida Turner, expressed her most profound grief when her husband, Ronnie Turner, died of colon cancer. On Dec. 9, 2022, the French media personality posted on Instagram showing Ronnie with his father, Ike Turner, claiming he “got sick in three weeks” before dying at 62.

“Ronnie was a terrific musician and bass player, amazing soul, a heart of giant, true angel, highly spiritual, one-of-a-kind,” she captioned the post in all capitalized letters. “I am crying. … This time is too much God.”

While speaking to People in July 2023, Afida gave insight into how she felt several months after Ronnie’s death. “It’s a punishment,” she said. “Morning and night, I’m crying and screaming. My life in Los Angeles became a nightmare — a real nightmare. That’s why I got the f*** out of there. No house, no furniture. Just my memories and Ronnie’s clothes.”

Afida said what keeps her going is the thought of having a child with Ronnie. Ronnie reportedly froze his sperm in 2022 and gave it to Afida as a birthday gift. “I’m going to have Ronnie’s baby!” she exclaimed. “If I can. I’m 46, but we’ll see.”

As for when this is happening, Afida said she wants to carry the baby before her next birthday in December 2023. “It’s still bad because he’s not here, but what can I do?” she added. “At least I will have a little one that looks like Ronnie. A monster like me and him, can you imagine?”

Tina Turner, Ike Turner, and their kids | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


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Afida Turner said her husband had the same ‘force of nature and endurance’ as Tina Turner

Tina Turner went through a lot of loss in her life. Her son, Craig Turner, died five years before Ronnie Turner’s death. Afida Turner spoke to the Daily Mail about how Ronnie’s illness was difficult for both her and Tina.

“It destroyed me; it traumatized me,” Afida said. “It was hard for me to stay in the house. I lost weight. ‘Tina was already extremely sick [when Ronnie was diagnosed], she could not fly to Los Angeles and [care for him]. I had to do it all on my own.”

While Tina was too ill herself to help care for Ronnie, Afida mentioned she believed the mother and son had the same “force of nature and endurance” that helped them fight. “I believe it is force of nature and endurance,” she said. “I believe you …read more

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