The Challenge: Final Reckoning’s Cara Maria Cooks Up the Details on that High-Steaks Purge Challenge


After winning MTV’s The Challenge: Vendettas earlier this year, Cara Maria Sorbello is back in action for her 12th season, Final Reckoning. As she vies for the $1 million prize alongside rival and partner Marie Roda, she’s blogging about it exclusively on PEOPLE! Follow Cara Maria on Twitter at @CaraMariaMTV.

There’s so much ground to cover from this week’s episode, so let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Kyle & Paulie

The boys are still steaming from the way Paulie left things in Armageddon (who can forget him telling Brad that his girl Britni hooked up with her ex, Chuck, while in Redemption House?!), and Kyle makes it known he wants to fight Paulie when he sees him again. Insider’s Note: Paulie still wants this set up. MMA rules. Hands-on. Can someone make this happen? I would pay for tickets to that show. Italy vs Ireland. Who is your money on?

Da’Vonne & Jozea

Fresh off their win and now entering the main house, these two know they have information that the rest of the Challengers want. Playing a Big Brother strategy, Day and Jozea plan on using information (even the made-up or exaggerated kind) to help their political game as rookies among the sharks.

Angela & Bananas

These two are getting closer. Bananas has a soft spot for this bad girl. I know this because he always told me nice things about her in the house. As for Angela, it’s clear that being in the pants of a champion veteran player is in her game plan to get closer to that million-dollar prize money. No relationship is more important than that million dollars, so whatever Angela has going on with her boo at home be damned. Work what you got, I guess! #teamstoleyaman

CT & Veronica

Veronica’s nightmare was that she would be partners with CT and have to actually compete and try to win. Of course, her nightmare is every Challenger’s DREAM. CT is there for the million. He has a son he wants to provide for and not a lot of Challenges left in him. He knows what he is working with and is trying everything he can to get Veronica in the same mindset as him. She wants no part of it. The frustration and disconnect in this team is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Nelson, Kayleigh & Faith

Nelson and Kayleigh are an eternal emotional roller coaster. They get after each other to the lowest points so they can get high off the make-up. Kayleigh shows she cares by being vocal that she is jealous or bothered by other women flirting with Nelly. Nelson gets a high off of seeing how Kayleigh is affected. Faith may look like she is being used as a pawn in the middle, but she has her own calculated plans. She gets a personal high flirting with men that other women have affection for as she settles into her familiar role of “the other woman.” Kayleigh already mentioned to me in the house that …read more



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