‘The Challenge’: Amanda Garcia on Issue With Michele Fitzgerald; Says It Doesn’t Involve Fessy Shafaat

The Challenge Amanda Garcia
‘The Challenge’ star, Amanda Garcia | MTV

Amanda Garcia says Michele Fitzgerald lied about ‘hanging out’ with Fessy Shafaat

After the Sept. 8 episode, several fans noticed that

The Challenge stars Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat hit it off during season 37. After filming, she claims she ghosted him, and he reportedly began “hanging out” with rookie Michele Fitzgerald. He and Amanda have since reconnected, and she unfollowed Michele on social media, leading many to believe their fallout had something to do with the new relationship. The Are You the One? 3 star acknowledged the situation and revealed her issue with Michele. She claims it had nothing to do with Fessy.

‘The Challenge’ star, Amanda Garcia | MTVAmanda Garcia says Michele Fitzgerald lied about ‘hanging out’ with Fessy Shafaat

After the Sept. 8 episode, several fans noticed that veteran Amanda Garcia unfollowed rookie Michele Fitzgerald on Instagram.

Many thought the two had a falling out over Fessy Shafaat, who they both were involved with at one point, and recently seemingly made things official with Amanda.

She’s baaaaaack @mtv_amanda #TheChallenge37

— The Challenge (@ChallengeMTV) August 10, 2021

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During a Sept. 13 Instagram Live, Amanda explained her issue with the Survivor champ. She claimed Michele previously told her that she and Fessy only shared a friendly relationship.

However, after the show, the veteran said she heard rumors the two began hooking up, which confused her because she and Michele were friends in the Challenge house. Additionally, Amanda noted she found out they hung out in their respective hometowns before staying together for the reunion.

She revealed her real issue with Michele and why she unfollowed the rookie

When the cast reconnected at this time, the veteran claimed Michele told her she and Fessy only kissed and didn’t have romantic feelings for each other.

She believes Michele lied about the nature of their relationship, which she thinks is a pattern with the rookie. According to the veteran, Michele has talked poorly about cast members, such as Tori Deal and Berna Canbeldek, in a group chat with the two and Ashley Mitchell.

Are Fessy and Michele together?! Host @devynsimone puts her detective hat on in this week’s episode of The Challenge Aftermath to find out if the rumors are true. ‍

— The Challenge (@ChallengeMTV) September 3, 2021

However, Amanda has noticed Michele speaks about them differently on social media; she thinks to remain in good standing with others for future seasons.

She also said she plans to expose what Michele has said about others at an upcoming reunion or aftershow. The Survivor champ has yet to respond directly, but she previously claimed she’s “unsubscribed” from the situation.

Amanda and Fessy seemingly made things official

During The Challenge 37, Amanda and Fessy began hooking up in the house but didn’t seem interested in anything more beyond that.

After filming, she reportedly stopped talking to him, and he allegedly moved on to Michele. However, they reconnected during filming for the reunion, and she …read more

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