The ‘Aladdin’ trailer with Will Smith got Twitter wishing for something else


An “Aladdin” trailer debuted during the 2019 Grammys revealing Will Smith’s character look as Genie – and people on social media sounded like they were feeling blue about it.

The live-action remake of the Disney animated hit, which featured Robin Williams voicing the blue Genie, is set to hit theaters in May.

From fear to complete confusion, people rushed to Twitter to share their emotions about Smith in blue.

Here’s what they had to say:

Starting a support group for everyone who can’t unsee Will Smith’s genie.

— Brynn Kushner (@brynn_kush) February 11, 2019

Can y’all stop posting pics of the genie on my TL I’m getting scared and I love will smith too much to put myself through this #Aladdin

— keiley kaiser (@keileykaiser) February 11, 2019

First thing came to mind re: Will Smith’s #Alladin Genie?#TheRock as the #ScorpionKing

— Tusk (@HaleysTusk) February 11, 2019

will smith as the genie is gonna give me nightmares #Aladdin

— mais (@anodetoyounct) February 11, 2019

why does Will Smith’s genie remind me of when violet turned violet in Charlie and the chocolate factory

— kayleigh (@steponmestyles) February 11, 2019

I’m a huge Will Smith fan but this…….

This makes me…..


Very very…..


— SoloDaddio (@SoloDaddio) February 11, 2019

When I saw #WillSmith full look as genie….#Alaadin #CGISucks #Disney

— Rick (@CardoHq) February 11, 2019

okay i’m sorry but i am NOT going to be able to take that new aladdin movie seriously with will smith looking like this the whole time LMAOOOOO

— shane (@RATDAD420) February 11, 2019

Blue Will Smith continues to be a torture sent to us all.

— Andy (@yepandytweets) February 11, 2019

Can’t believe this is what will smith looks like in the new Aladdin

— NoFartFebruary (@QLantifa) February 11, 2019

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