‘Sweet Home’: K-Drama Cliffhanger Does Not Occur in the Original Webtoon

Hyun-soo and Ui-myeon in 'Sweet Home' K-drama talking to each other.

Fans are still waiting for official news about Sweet Home Season 2. The 2020 K-drama starring Song Kang is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The first season cliffhanger left room for the main characters to return for a new season as long as Song Kang reprises his role as Hyun-soo. But a second season might have been in the books all along, as the Sweet Home webtoon does not have the same ending as the K-drama.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Home webtoon.]

Hyun-soo and Ui-myeon in ‘Sweet Home’ K-drama | via Netflix

‘Sweet Home’ K-drama has Hyun-soo kidnapped by the leading villain

In the Netflix K-drama finale, Hyun-soo gives in to his full monster side that he has been keeping at bay. He does so to save the other tenants from Ui-myeon. The character was introduced hiding among a group of mercenaries who he later betrays and kills. Ui-myeon is also a special infected who is supposedly the sole survivor of a church. In reality, the Ui-myeon fans see is not the real person. He was infected by a slime-like monster.

When he meets Hyun-soo, he convinces him that monsters and humans cannot co-exist. The government also distributed flyers giving refuge to anyone who turns in a special infectee. Ui-myeon starts to believe the building tenants will turn against him and begins to kill them.

Hyun-soo turns into his full monster form to save them from Ui-myeon and allow them to escape to safety. In their fight, Ui-myeon uses his powers to dissolve into a slime form and escapes. Hyun-soo turns himself in to the government.

But in the finale, Hyun-soo wakes up in a military tank driven by Sang-Wook. Ui-myeon possesses his body and kidnaped Hyun-soo to go on the run.

The webtoon ends on a different note compared to the ‘Sweet Home’ K-drama

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For fans of the original webtoon, the Sweet Home K-drama ends on a cliffhanger that does not occur in the original story. According to the story on Webtoon, Ui-myeon goes by the name Eun-hyuk. But the final battle goes differently than what fans see on screen.

Hyun-soo becomes his full monster version and Eun-hyuk transforms as well to stop him. But Eun-hyuk transforms into a big tentacled and out-control monster that takes over both of them and causes their deaths. In the aftermath, the tentacles disintegrate and reveal two cacoons. One of them hatches to reveal Hyun-soo.

The webtoon story has an epilogue where the new Hyun-soo arrives at the military facility where the surviving tenants live. One of the characters calls for one of the tenants who is happy to see Hyun-soo alive. They embrace as the rest of the tenants go to greet him.

The K-drama’s ending was a creative decision made by the director

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