‘Survivor 43’ Fans Theorize About Gabler’s ‘Perfect Game’ and Jesse’s Future

Mike 'Gabler' Gabler cringes as he holds up a bar in an endurance challenge on 'Survivor'.
(L-R): Mike ‘Gabler’ Gabler on ‘Survivor’ | CBS via Getty Images


Mike Gabler has an interesting strategy that might be the reason for his current perfect game. But Survivor fans weigh in and give their theories for his record and talk about Jesse Lopez’s future in the season.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor Season 43 Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby.”]

What is a perfect ‘Survivor’ game?

(L-R): Mike ‘Gabler’ Gabler on ‘Survivor’ | CBS via Getty Images

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The Sole Survivors in the game have different voting and jury records. But certain fans consider a perfect game is one with a person receiving no votes for elimination throughout the season and getting every jury vote at the end.

It’s certainly a tough goal to reach. J.T. Thomas managed to do it in Survivor: Tocantins. John Cochran did this in Survivor: Caramoan.

‘Survivor 43’ fans talk about Gabler’s perfect game so far

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Someone started a Reddit thread on Nov. 23 asking, “Is anyone else kinda shocked that Gabler is one of the only people left (along with Jesse) eligible for a perfect game?” Fans gave their thoughts in the comments.

“A little, early on it seemed like he was likely to be voted out early.” one person answered.

“He was my preseason winner pick but i’m still shocked at this lol,” someone else added.

“I think he hasn’t received votes because nobody considers him to be a threat. Seems like a classic 0-vote finalist,” one person theorized.

“Not really. I mean his whole tribe didn’t go to tribal after the first boot until merge. And in the merge he’s kind of not been a big threat or someone ppl need to take out bc he’s just a follower type. And i doubt he’s gonna get the win let alone a perfect game as is,” someone else wrote.

Some fans think Jesse might not last much longer

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The season followed Jesse’s strategy from the beginning. Gabler took the backseat until he found out Elie Scott might be a threat to his game. He put a target on her back, and she was voted out. He returned to blending in after that.

But in “Get That Money, Baby,” Gabler noticed Jesse was running things with the vote. He also didn’t like that Jesse came to him with a new plan right before Tribal Council.

The same Reddit thread showed fans don’t think Jesse will win. “More shocking people Are just letting Jesse win the game flawlessly,” one person commented. 

“Cof Cof Omar last season,” someone replied. Omar Zaheer was running things until he was voted out at six.

“And just like Omar he will be taken out, he’s getting too confident and will make a mistake,” a third person …read more

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