See the Yuletide Sparks Fly Between Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas Trailer

Emilia Clarke has officially graduated from dragons … to elves.

The Game of Thrones alum, 32, stars alongside Crazy Rich Asians leading man Henry Golding in the upcoming British holiday rom-com Last Christmas.

In the newly released trailer for the film, set amid a picturesque yuletide-season London, viewers meet Clarke’s character Kate, who’s down on her luck as she’s working as an elf in a perennial Christmas store.

She soon becomes acquainted with Tom (Golding, 32) during quite the unconventional meet-cute — while the two are hanging out outside the shop and a bird poops right into Kate’s eye.

Still, Kate tells Tom (who insists the incident was good luck) as she goes back to work, “I’m busy, you’re weird, goodbye.”

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One scene features Kate and her mom Adelia (played by Emma Thompson) at a doctor’s office, where the physician asks Kate about her habits including how she has been sleeping, whether she has been exercising, and the state of her dependency on alcohol.

Adelia hilariously gives opposing answers to Kate’s, saying at one point, “Oh, she’s drinking like the pirate.”

Soon, Kate and Tom bump into each other once more, much to the former’s initial chagrin — something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the handsome semi-stranger, who asks her, “Are elves always so cynical?”

“Yes. Relentlessly. These are dark times,” Kate replies before the two finally formally introduce themselves.

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The pair soon grow closer and Tom learns that Kate dreams of becoming a singer.

He also discovers she had an illness that almost killed her before the events of the film, which is an experience that has led her to be “scared all the time” and question her future.

Tom inspires Kate to volunteer her time and talents — and eventually, of course, they fall in love. “You’re gonna make mistakes, and that’s okay,” he tells her during an intimate moment. “You’re made of everything you do.”

Directed by Paul Feig, co-written and co-produced by Thompson and featuring music from the late George Michael, Last Christmas opens in theaters Nov. 8.

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