Ryan Adams Says He Was So High on Painkillers That He Doesn’t Remember Marrying Mandy Moore

Ryan Adams claims he knew his marriage to Mandy Moore would fail from the start — even though he doesn’t remember saying “I do.”

On Wednesday, Adams, 43, went on a rambling Twitter spree about the couple’s early beginnings, after the This Is Us actress opened up about her divorce from the rocker in the November issue of Glamour.

“She didn’t like the Melvins or BladeRunner,” he wrote on Twitter, referencing Moore’s comment that she “didn’t choose the right person” when deciding to tie the knot in 2009.

“Doomed from the start…” he continued the message. “If only I could remember the start lol”

Adams then revealed to his followers, in a since-deleted tweet, that he allegedly was using drugs so heavily he did not remember their 2009 wedding.

“When someone told me we got married I thought they were joking,” he said. “Then I realized how many painkillers I was taking. Honestly there weren’t enough to numb the shock. Gollygooops”

To make matters worse, Adams went on to compare his marriage to Moore, 34, to being “stuck to the spiritual equivalent of a soggy piece of cardboard.”

“But it rains on net-a-porter everyday when you’re trapped inside yourself,” he continued. “Take the money I’ll take my pride, any day.”

Fans were quick to come to Moore’s defense, attacking Adams for his response to his ex-wife’s comments. When one Twitter user accused the musician of writing “75% of your love songs” about her, Adams immediately set the record straight.

“There’s not actually a single song about her. Like not one. Fact,” Adams wrote.

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Just a day earlier, Adams responded to a tweet from Dawes — which ironically features Taylor Goldsmith, AKA Moore’s new fiancé, as the frontman of the group.

But even as Moore prepares to start a life with her new man, Adams had nothing but respect for Goldsmith, encouraging his fans to listen to the band’s new single.

“This is a great record in a time where people need them,” he wrote on Twitter. “May every great song find their rightful listener… Any fan of mine will love this. With respect. XO”

Late Wednesday after fans expressed concern for the musician and his mental wellbeing he apologized for his comments and assured them he was alright.

“Thank you for the kind messages. I am speaking with a grief/ crisis counsellor. I apologize if I caused anyone any worry. Depression, anxiety/ panic attacks & grief are very real and serious issues. If anyone is suffering I urge you seek help. And cats,” the musician, who has been open about his struggles with mental health, wrote.

“I apologize for my remarks. I was trying to be funny. But I have and will always choose to remember the amazing moments. It isn’t classy or ok lessen what was. I am happy for everyone and doing my best.”

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