Review: ‘Persona 5 Tactica’ successfully adapts beloved series to strategy genre

Panther about to destroy exploding barrels in Persona 5 Tactica

Japan releases plenty of role-playing games, but few have the staying power of “Persona 5.” Although this entry to the long-running series is 7 years old, fans can’t get enough of Joker and the other Phantom Thieves. The title has spawned several spin-offs including several anime series, a rhythm game and an action RPG.

Now, some of the original developers from P-Studio are adapting the gameplay to a new genre. As the name implies, “Persona 5 Tactica” takes the characters and elements and meshes them into a turn-based strategy game. It’s more like “Fire Emblem” or “Mario + Rabbids” than a conventional Japanese RPG.

In this entry, Joker and the Phantom Thieves find themselves unexpectedly transported to a mysterious kingdom that appears straight out of 18th-century France. It’s ruled by a maniacal dictator named Marie, who charms Joker’s friends and turns them into her loyal minions. Just as Joker is about to suffer the same fate, a freedom fighter named Erina rescues him and Morgana.

The first few missions teach players the basics as “Tactica” allows players to control teams of three. Squad members have to outmaneuver enemies, take cover and use their combat abilities to summon Persona, as well as fire ranged weapons and physically assault up-close. As in similar titles, it’s about attacking without leaving openings.

Panther is going to destroy explosive barrels that could give her an advantage on the battlefield in “Persona 5 Tactica.” (Atlus) 

P-Studio does a good job of introducing the foundation and layering in more complex systems. About halfway through more than 60 missions, players will have most of the mechanics down. The key to winning battles is to knock down enemies, leaving them vulnerable, which unlocks the Triple Threat all-out attack, where all squadmates combine their attack powers to eliminate enemies. The rub is that it’s only effective in a triangular area bounded by the party members and the downed foe.

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That means positioning is even more important to success. It allows a squad to efficiently eliminate foes. Knocking down adversaries also grants a Phantom Thief an additional move during the turn, allowing the character …read more

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