Prince Harry’s ‘Wild Lad’ Days ‘Died’ When He Met Meghan Markle

Prince Harry smiles during a public appearance with Meghan Markle, who looks off while wearing a navy coat

A royal author claims that Prince Harry’s “wild lad” days “died” when he met Meghan Markle. Harry left behind his wild party side when Meghan came into his life and he never looked back.

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A private secretary was appointed to Prince Harry and Prince William when they were younger

Harry had a reputation for being wilder in his younger years as a bit of a party boy who went to nightclubs. Fast forward to the present day and he’s a husband to Meghan and father of two children.

In his book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, author Valentine Low revealed how Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton was a private secretary appointed to Harry and Prince William before they were full-time working royals.

According to Low, Lowther-Pinkerton was tasked with helping William “steer a course through life.” When it came to Harry, however, the private secretary’s job was “more complex.”

Prince Harry left behind his ‘wild lad’ days when he met Meghan Markle

The author explained how Meghan brought about a change in Harry. “The younger prince was a dashing figure, flying an Apache helicopter, and was heavily committed in the area of children’s health, with charities like Well Child,” Low wrote. “But he also used to be quite a wild lad.”

The author continued, “When Harry was young, it was easy to forgive him, his transgressions. But at what point does a wild lad become a seedy old roué? At the time, it was nothing to worry about: just something to keep an eye on.”

Low added, “Eventually, of course, the problem would resolve itself, but not in a way that Lowther-Pinkerton or anyone else imagined. The wild lad died the day Harry met Meghan Markle.”


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Prince Harry has changed since Meghan and the progression is ‘ongoing,’ body language expert says

Body language expert Judi James examined how Harry appears “determined” to have a different relationship with Meghan than his parents had. James told Express that Harry is taking a different approach to being a partner.

“Many of Harry’s behaviors and body language as a husband suggest he has been determined to create a complete contrast to the kind of partnering skills he saw from his father during his marriage to Diana,” James said.

The body language expert also noted how much change she noticed in Harry since Meghan. “The common opinion is that Harry changed when he met Meghan and that change appears to be ongoing,” she said. “Once known as the party or playboy prince, he switched to a man whose life revolves around his wife and children and who spends much of his working life promoting his causes.”

She said Harry’s level of change is rare. “Change is not uncommon when we fall in love as we can become …read more

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