Prince Harry Was Allowed to Visit Queen Elizabeth’s Grave, But There Were ‘Conditions’

Prince Harry’s recent UK visit has garnered significant attention. His presence near Windsor Castle was particularly notable as he chose to visit on the significant anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

The Duke of Sussex’s rare appearance in the UK was tinged with uncertainty, as it was unclear whether he would be granted permission for this significant visit. Turns out Buckingham Palace granted Harry permission, but only under one condition.

Prince Harry is spotted visiting Queen Elizabeth’s grave  

Harry was in the UK on Friday, marking the first commemoration of his grandmother’s death. This visit came just a day after he participated in a philanthropic event.

By Friday morning, onlookers observed him departing from St George’s Chapel in Windsor, where Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip are interred.

According to Mirror, a visibly moved Harry was captured in a photograph by a passerby as he left the sacred site. The image swiftly made its rounds online, sparking much speculation about Harry’s visit.

Not long after, he journeyed to Dusseldorf in anticipation of Saturday’s Invictus Games’ inaugural evening.

Harry, recognizing he’d be in the UK during this poignant anniversary, hoped to honor his grandmother at her burial site. However, the Duke of Sussex was reportedly uncertain about obtaining the necessary clearance to visit the chapel.

The Duke of Sussex was allowed to visit Her Majesty’s grave under one condition

Despite some reservations, Harry received permission to honor Queen Elizabeth with a stipulation in place.

Insiders indicated that the green light from Buckingham Palace came at the eleventh hour, emphasizing the visit’s discreet nature. As long as Harry kept his visit private, he was allowed to visit Elizabeth’s resting place.

That Friday, Harry was geographically distant from his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William. Charles observed the day with prayers at Crathie Kirk, which also marked his Accession Day. Meanwhile, William and Kate commemorated the occasion at St David’s Cathedral in Wales.

The bond between the two brothers, once close in their youth, has grown tense over time. Their relationship saw further rifts after Harry openly addressed their differences in his Spare book and a subsequent Netflix documentary.

While the intent was for Harry’s graveside visit to remain under wraps, things didn’t unfold as intended.

Prince Harry’s gravesite visit sets social media ablaze 

Harry’s visit to Elizabeth’s gravesite certainly surprised royal watchers. While he was supposed to keep the trip under wraps, a few onlookers saw him pay his respects.

Per The Daily Beast, a passerby captured Harry leaving St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle shortly before William and Kate were set to honor the late queen with a service.

Harry’s unanticipated presence seemed to eclipse his brother’s planned event in Wales, 230 miles away. This became more evident as images of Harry’s departure from the chapel dominated social media.


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