Police Want to Question Blade Runner Star Sean Young About Reported N.Y.C. Burglary

Actress Sean Young is “wanted for questioning” in connection with a report of a Thursday burglary in New York City, PEOPLE confirms.

But sources tell PEOPLE exclusively that the full story is much stranger: Young — whose career heyday of the ’80s cooled amid a series of on-set issues — allegedly broke into the office of a film on which she had been slated to make her directorial debut before being fired this summer after clashing with the producers.

According to one of the film’s producers, she allegedly took two Mac Pro laptops that had production software on them.

“This was a big slap in my face. I try to help as much people as I can,” says comedian Greg Kritikos, the co-writer, star and a producer of the upcoming dramedy Charlie Boy, which Young was initially hired to direct.

However, Young, 58, was terminated from the production about two months ago and Timothy Hines was brought in to replace her, according to executive producer Dominick Martini.

PEOPLE’s efforts to reach Young directly for comment were unsuccessful on Friday and requests for comment sent to a listed representative were not immediately returned.

It was Kritikos who first connected Young with Martini and suggested she direct the movie, about a reformed mobster, which has largely shot around Queen’s Astoria neighborhood. Young was hired around April, according to one source connected to the film.

Kritikos, 54, says that as a recovering alcoholic who is seven years sober, he wanted to give Young, who has also discussed struggling with alcohol, an opportunity. He was further comforted by her knowledge of the industry given her years-long career.

“I believed that she had changed her life,” he says.

But workplace issues soon, according to Kritikos, who describes Young as out of her directorial depth. The film cut ties with her within weeks of announcing that she had been hired.

Afterward, she repeatedly said she was going to return to the office in Queens to get some of her belongs, according to Kritikos — but she never showed.

Then, somehow on Thursday, “miraculously” she got into the office and took the laptops, he says. However, she did not take any of the related equipment, including necessary cords and mouses. Hard drives containing the film’s footage were also apparently untouched.

An N.Y.C. police spokesperson would only confirm that Young is being sought in connection with the burglary of a business in Queens in which two laptops were stolen. However, the address of the film’s production office matches the address where the police spokesperson said the burglary occurred.

A police source further confirms to PEOPLE that Young was captured on video during the burglary and charges are probable. “They want to talk to her,” the source says.

A man was recorded with Young during the burglary, according to TMZ, which first reported news of the incident.

Asked if they believe the burglary was some kind of revenge, Kritikos and Martini say it would be speculation on their part.

“Whatever she’s doing, she took property that did not belong to her,” Kritikos …read more



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