NeNe Leakes Gets Into Near-Physical Brawl with Kenya Moore as RHOA’s Alleged ‘Snake’ Is Revealed


NeNe Leakes had to be restrained by producers on Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta after she appeared to attempt to get physical during a heated argument with longtime rival Kenya Moore.

Months after she ripped a male cameraman’s T-shirt and allegedly choked a producer during her infamous closet freakout, the O.G. Atlanta Housewife was once again on the attack, this time lunging towards the new mom and telling her to “shut the f— up, bitch.”

“You shut the f— up! You shut the f— up! You got the wrong motherf—ing bitch,” yelled Leakes, 52, swinging at Moore, 48, as producers cornered her. “I will f— you up.”

“Let me tell you something. You better not ever point your motherf—ing finger at me, bitch,” Leakes shouted at Moore, who calmly left the room. “I ain’t going nowhere!”

She didn’t stop there. Leakes later ran out of the room herself, following Moore to the elevator — producers tailing close behind.

“Bitch, hell no. Let me tell you something,” Leakes told Moore as she got into the elevator.

“This motherf—er, she’s trying to come for me,” Leakes said. “She’s got the wrong bitch. She’s got the wrong motherf—er.”

At the time, Leakes and Moore were on a cast trip to Toronto alongside costars Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille, as well as Friends of the Housewives Marlo Hampton, Tanya Sam and frequent RHOA guest Gail “Yovanna” Momplaisir.

All except for Sam were together when the fight broke out, convening in Hampton’s hotel room after a night out. They were attempting to find out the identity of the “snake,” a nickname coined earlier this season for the person who allegedly secretly recorded Bailey slamming Leakes in a private conversation.

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For weeks, signs had been pointing to Momplaisir, especially since Momplaisir previously told Leakes she had “receipts” of Bailey “going in on NeNe.”

Momplaisir has adamantly denied she was the one behind the recording, insisting on last week’s episode that it wasn’t her but instead someone else within the group. But Leakes said on Sunday’s episode that Momplaisir was the one at fault.

“Snake is just not a nice word. So I wouldn’t call her a snake,” Leakes said in confessional. “ is Yovanna the one with the information? Yes.”

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Still, Leakes never named Momplaisir as the “snake” to Bailey or any of her other cast mates.

“You know what, I’m not a snitch,” she said when asked about it point-blank. Bailey begged, asking Leakes, “just tell me who did it.” But Leakes wouldn’t give in.

“I can’t do that,” she told Bailey, explaining in confessional that she was withholding the information to get back at Bailey for not …read more



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