Miss Manners: I found out in this awful way that she hasn’t forgiven my insult

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I was at a social event, and a dance teacher I have taken a few classes with was also attending as a guest.

She came over to say hi to the woman sitting next to me, and gave her a big hug.

As the teacher turned away from her friend, her head and body were pointed towards me, less than 4 feet away. I said, “Hi, Delia.”

She looked through me and walked away. I know for a fact that the teacher knows my name and face.

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I believe this is called a cut. I have done it to someone myself, once in my life.

Now, I know why Delia is mad at me: A couple of years ago, I spoke out of turn in her class, uttering a single, ordinary word that was interpreted (probably correctly) as critical of her teaching. When I returned to her class on a later date, she allowed me to attend (after telling me off) and encouraged me to participate, so I thought we were OK.

Apparently not.

So, what is the correct response? Should I refrain from saying hi in the future? Keep saying hi to see what happens? Avoid her classes? (I think I will have to, as that was just too awful.)

Also, I should not discuss this with anyone who knows her, right?

GENTLE READER: Perhaps she missed it, but Miss Manners sees no mention of an actual apology anywhere in the above exchange. She suspects that Delia similarly missed it. If you do not think she is a good teacher, then do not attend her classes. But if you choose to, you must be respectful.

To repair the current situation, you might say, “I thought we had resolved the unpleasantness from before, but I do not think I ever properly apologized. I am sorry that I was disrespectful in your class and I hope that you can forgive me.”

And then please refrain from any more single, ordinary and/or offensive words in the future, unless your plan is to be cut again — socially or permanently from the class.

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