Megan Rapinoe: America showed its true colors during Capitol attack

Megan Rapinoe, one of America’s most outspoken star athletes, said Tuesday the attack by a pro-Trump mob on the U.S. Capitol Building unveiled the country’s “true colors.”

“This is America, make no mistake about it,” she said during a 22-minute video interview with soccer reporters.

“This was about white supremacy and holding up white supremacy,” added Rapinoe, who has rejoined the U.S. national team for the first time in a year.

“This is not the first time we’ve seen a murderous mob like that. Unleashing a white supremacist mob is nothing new to America as people of color know that very well.”

Rapinoe, who grew up in Redding, took almost six minutes to address the first question about the mob that breached the Capitol after a rally spearheaded by President Donald Trump.

“Hopefully [it’s] the final straw for so many people to really understand the reason that we’re here is because we never have actually had a reckoning with what our country really is,” Rapinoe said.

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“All the calls for unity cannot come without justice. If we do not punish this to the fullest extent it only encourages more of this to happen. We should not underestimate what could have happened.”

Rapinoe, 35, continued: “It’s just striking how horrible it was, and just how insane it was, from the climate in the country being such that we have our political leaders, our chief political leader, inciting an actual real-life murderous and deadly insurrection against his own government, against his own people, against his own party.”

Five deaths — including those of two Capitol Police officers — have been tied to the riot last Wednesday. Law enforcement officials have arrested and charged at least 70 people involved in the storming, and investigators are working to identify and track down many more, according to federal prosecutors.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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