Man Jumps into a New Jersey Zoo’s Cheetah Exhibit to ‘Get a Closer Look,’ Cheetahs Unamused

Surprising the world’s fastest land mammal isn’t a good idea, but that piece of practical advice didn’t stop a visitor to New Jersey’s Cape May County Zoo from jumping into the facility’s cheetah exhibit.

“Our Parks Unit jumped into the new year with a little excitement. Earlier this week our officers responded to the CMC Zoo for a subject who had jumped a fence next to the cheetah enclosure so he could ‘get a closer look’,” the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Jan. 10 Facebook post.

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According to the post, Buju and Beenie “weren’t amused” by this impromptu pop-in, but “luckily ignored” the intruder.

“The subject was issued citations for county ordinance violations in lieu of an arrest and removed from the CMC Park & Zoo,” the sheriff’s office added in their post about the incident.

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In the same post, authorities reminded zoo guests to always obey all rules and signage, and to remember that the fences in place are there for everyone’s protection.

“We love that we can give you great views of many animal species! However, for both the animal’s safety and yours, please follow the rules!!” Cape May County Park/Zoo summarized in their own Facebook post about the cheetahs’ surprise guest.

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