‘Love Is Blind’ Couples That Are Still Together Ahead of the Season 5 Premiere

As Love is Blind gears up for its season 5 premiere, fans are eager to revisit the couples that captured their hearts in previous seasons. Many relationships have weathered the reality TV storm from unexpected challenges to heartwarming commitments.

Here’s a closer look at the couples from past seasons who are still going strong, proving that sometimes, love truly is blind. Whether it’s the iconic pairs from season 1 or the buzz-worthy romances of season 4, these love stories continue to inspire.

‘Love is Blind’ couples from season 1 that are still together

During season 1 of Love is Blind, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett navigated through a series of challenges. They both had moments of uncertainty before finally committing at the altar.

While they openly admitted to almost getting a divorce, they managed to work things out. The pair is currently gearing up for their fifth anniversary in November 2023.

Meanwhile, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton quickly became the darlings of season 1. Many viewed them as the embodiment of relationship aspirations. This duo is also approaching their fifth wedding milestone come November 2023.

But Lauren clarified that finding true love on screen wasn’t a walk in the park.

Lauren shared with Us Weekly in 2021 how challenging it was to navigate public opinions and sudden fame. Adjusting to the spotlight and the weight of others’ opinions was tough for her and Cameron. 

“I think that the hardest thing for us at the time was just kind of learning how to let people’s opinions roll off of us,” she explained. “I think that whenever you’re not so used to having so much attention and everyone’s opinions, it could be a lot of pressure and I think we’re human.”

These couples from season 3 are still together 

During Love is Blind’s second season, no couples stayed together. However, some relationships from season 3 are flourishing.

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton faced a rocky journey in Season 2. Audiences frequently witnessed their disagreements and spats. In June 2023, after two years of matrimony, they took the big step of cohabiting.

They commemorated their second anniversary in July 2023 by sharing a home. Colleen currently juggles three jobs while Matt holds the fort at home.

A shared love for Shakshuka connected Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux in Season 3. Their bond remains strong. They recently marked their second wedding anniversary and celebrated with a journey to Israel, a nod to Alexa’s heritage.

Their distinct religious backgrounds don’t deter them. Instead, they embrace open dialogue, are eager to understand each other better, and are excited about expanding their family soon.

‘Love is Blind’ season 4 romances that are still going strong

Season 4 of Love is Blind had its share of memorable couples. Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown were the season’s standout duo. 

Their journey was smooth, and they tied the knot without hesitation. Acting as the anchor for the rest of the season 4 participants, they …read more

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