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‘San Francisco’ name
doesn’t belong to SFO

Some hyper-sensitive San Franciscans think SFO is the only airport that can use the name “San Francisco.”

San Francisco Bay Oakland International is just 29 minutes by BART from downtown San Francisco. SFO is 30 minutes. And SFO isn’t even in the city.

As an old San Franciscan, I say let’s let the world know we’ve got two airports.

Greg deGiere

Dictating men’s health
would cause outrage

Re: “Abortion bans meant to subjugate women” (Page A6, May 14).

The letter from Jim Cauble from Hayward in this morning’s East Bay Times made me laugh out loud. His idea is one I have had for a very long time.

Why do women have to be subjugated? I can only imagine what the press response would look like to having pre-pubescent males receive a reversible vasectomy. Think men would be openly angry?

Thank you, Times for publishing this letter. I wonder if there will be more responses in the future. I’ll be looking.

Shirley Krohn
Walnut Creek

Monument expansion is
a win now and in future

Re: “Biden set to expand 2 national monuments” (Page B1, May 13).

As an outdoor recreation advocate, I was involved in the original campaign to create Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument nine years ago. I know how important it is for rural communities like my home to have access to nearby public lands and safe and accessible ways to enjoy nature. That’s why I have also been dedicated to the recent campaign to expand Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to include Molok Luyuk (Condor Ridge). Molok Luyuk is a ridge located on the eastern side of the existing monument.

I’m thrilled to thank the Biden administration for hearing our calls and expanding the monument. As an avid off-highway-vehicle user, I believe that expanding the monument will improve the management of these lands, increase public access to recreation opportunities and make sure that these public lands are permanently protected and passed down to all our children and grandchildren.

Don Amador

Trump supporters close
eyes to his misdeeds

I can’t understand how Donald Trump supporters can continue to do so.

He was responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection. And now he says he will pardon many of those convicted for participating in said insurrection. He calls out all of his opponents for doing all the abhorrent things he has done and uses derogatory slurs for them besides. Because of him, we are already heading for an autocracy, and if he is elected our democracy will be erased forever.

He is “smart” using “we” in all his complaints (including all Americans), which surely helps his base to keep following him. Pay attention.

Gae Mora

There are no good
guys in Gaza conflict

This latest round of nationwide campus protests speaks out against the war in Gaza. In the October attack, Hamas did not just murder more than 1,200 innocents. They raped, violated and killed women in ways beyond anything the Me Too movement has ever spoken of. The protesters don’t understand that …read more

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