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Debate shows need
for unifying candidate

Re: “Biden, Trump launch into personal attacks” (Page A1, June 28).

After watching the debate, I wish there was a “None of the Above” choice on the ballot in November.

Enough votes for neither candidate might allow us to reconsider the options. If the Democrats decide to drop President Biden, I suggest someone like Joe Manchin be their replacement. He would find support from both parties, says this Republican.

Jim Caratozzolo

Biden candidacy poses
threat to democracy

Re: “Biden, Trump launch into personal attacks” (Page A1, June 28).

The first presidential debate showed that Joe Biden is not fit for the tasks in front of him neither as a candidate nor as president for the next four years. He needs to step aside.

If he does not step aside, Donald Trump will surely win and our democracy will be lost.

Gary Campanella
San Jose

Next four years are
shaping up to be bad

I have voted in 12 presidential elections. Sometimes the candidates I voted for won, and just as many times they didn’t.

Even when my candidate didn’t win, I never had a concern about the next four years our new president was going to be in office. Despite the normal shifts in policy, I felt our country was still in good hands domestically and respected globally.

The presidents I did not vote for demonstrated a genuine love of country, conducted themselves with respect for others, spoke the truth, respected the law and did not demand absolute party loyalty while in power or he would end recalcitrant party members’ careers. Politicians could voice differences of opinion and policy decisions were shared, which makes a democracy thrive, unlike countries with autocratic leadership.

I fear that in the next four years, our country as we know it will not be in good hands.

Susan Hughes
San Jose

Lack of confidence in
court not surprising

Re: “Many Americans say justices put ideology over impartiality” (Page A8, June 28).

In 2017 Mitch McConnell denied Merrick Garland a hearing, claiming that President Obama could not appoint a justice at the end of his term. Then he raced to confirm Amy Coney Barrett although voting in the presidential election had already begun.

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings raised questions about his character and judicial temperament. He has since proven himself a liar, overturning Roe v. Wade despite his assertions that he would respect precedent.

Clarence Thomas has received lavish gifts while on the court. In Snyder v. United States, the court ruled that a “gratuity” is not a bribe.

Samuel Alito flew the American flag upside down, a known symbol of “stop the steal.” Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, is an outspoken supporter of the Jan. 6 uprising. Neither Alito nor Thomas have recused themselves from cases related to that event.

It’s not surprising that most Americans lack confidence in this court.

Judith Lessow-Hurley
San Jose

Bible study no answer
to education problems

Re: “State superintendent orders schools to teach the Bible” (Page A2, June 28).

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