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Free housing has
helped Japan homeless

Re: “We should start holding homeless accountable” (Page A6, June 7).

The letter-writer condemned communities giving “free stuff, including housing” to the homeless.  His claim that “Countries like Japan don’t have a homeless problem because they don’t tolerate homelessness” implies the Japanese have successfully employed a get-tough approach to achieving their country’s low rate of homelessness.  Quite the opposite is the case in Japan and elsewhere.

Finland, Norway and Japan have reduced the number of homeless within their borders mainly by providing free housing.  As Mr. Andrus wrote, “It’s not complicated people.”

Homelessness is its own punishment just as Christian charity is its own reward.

Tom McVeigh
Pleasant Hill

Where is accountability
for new technologies?

Re: “Privacy fight was a red herring: We need to be paid for our data” (Page A6, June 6).

Thank you for the important article about AI systems.

I am very concerned about what AI and social media are doing to our country and the world. Extreme leaders are emerging all over the world including in the United States, and I believe social media as well as television are big contributors to the problem.

I think that in addition to paying sources for their content, as your article suggests, we need to hold social media and television responsible for dishonest opinions. They are all publishers and, since publishers of newspapers are held accountable, so should they be.

Sheilah Fish

Second Trump term
would be nightmare

Donald Trump will try to steal the election. He may even win fairly.

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