Kurtenbach: If this is it for the Warriors, it’s not good enough for Steph Curry

The clock is ticking for the Warriors.

One year. that’s all they have.

If this organization cannot find a No. 2 star to play opposite Stephen Curry by the summer of 2025, don’t be surprised if Curry re-evaluates his end-of-career plans, just as Klay Thompson did this offseason.

I’m not guaranteeing this. I don’t even see it as a likely scenario.

But the Warriors guard — the greatest player in franchise history; the sport changer — left the door open to something other than a career spent in blue and gold when he was asked about Thompson’s exit this week.

“I can clearly say I want to be a Warrior for life,” Curry told Yahoo Sports’ Vinny Goodwill. “That’s always been my goal. And I’m saying that sitting in this chair right now, but life, and especially life in the NBA, it is a wild environment, and things change quickly, and the league has changed quickly, so we’re trying to adapt and evolve.”

That, folks, is a smart man giving himself an out.

And it’s also a challenge to the Warriors: things need to change for the better.

Or, in other words: shape up or Curry might ship out.

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The Warriors guard has two years remaining on his contract. He’s currently extension eligible, but from what I’ve heard, there’s no conversation between team and player about a new deal.

Both the team and Curry are in wait-and-see mode.

And if Curry doesn’t like what he sees with the team around him by this time next year, it serves all parties to find a resolution before the final season of his contract. You can’t let a player like Curry leave in unrestricted free agency for nothing and the summer market is far more robust than the one at the trade deadline.

From Curry’s perspective, leaving the Bay would certainly be a lost opportunity — playing his entire career with the Warriors would be special — but the ideal exit (Steph, Klay, and Draymond Green all riding off into the sunset together) is already off the board. Like Thompson, Curry has to look out for No. 1.

The Warriors can make this all easy. Just land Curry a No. 2.

(Of course, that’s easier said than …read more

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