Johnny Depp Is Iconicly Known for Playing Edward Scissorhands but These 8 Actors Were Almost Cast

Actor Johnny Depp made his mark in Hollywood when he was cast as Edward Scissorhands in the titular role, however, he wasn’t the only actor considered for the part.

Despite being filmmaker Tim Burton’s muse for many years, the role of Edward could have gone to some pretty surprising actors. Who were some of the actors who could have been cast in the role?

Edward Scissorhands could have gone to these A-listers

Possibly tough to imagine, but actors like Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, and even William Hurt were in the running for the part.

Hanks couldn’t move forward because he opted to instead star in the film Bonfire of the Vanities. Meanwhile, Cruise’s name was also floated for the role. He was filming Days of Thunder and Burton wanted someone with more of an indie appeal.

At the time Carrey had not reached A-list status so he made the short list of possibilities. Hurt actually inquired about the Edward Scissorhands role. But Burton wanted someone younger.

Gary Oldman was offered the Edward Scissorhands role; John Cusack was a writer favorite

Edward Scissorhands would have been an entirely different film if Gary Oldman was cast. Apparently, Burton offered him the role, but he turned it down because he didn’t understand the script.

“I read the script and I went, ‘It’s ridiculous,” Oldman told Larry King. “A castle at the end of this road and then an Avon lady comes round selling makeup and this kid’s got scissors hands? This is nuts. I don’t get this at all.’”

One of the first actors considered for the role was John Cusack. Cusack rose to fame in the ’80s thanks to films like Sixteen Candles and Say Anything. Edward Scissorhands writer Caroline Thompson originally pegged Cusack for the Edward role.

Another actor considered for the role was Robert Downey Jr. But he was busy shooting Air America with Mel Gibson.  “There was a party somewhere where Robert Downey was feted as Edward. I’m not sure why that happened,” Thompson told Insider.

Michael Jackson wanted the role

Pop star Michael Jackson expressed an interest in the role of Edward. In fact, Jackson actively pursued the role, but Burton wanted an actor instead of a singer. “I imagine Michael Jackson wanted to do it. I imagine he pursued Tim. Tim didn’t pursue him,” Thompson said.


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Thompson also said the role needed to go to a very specific actor. She originally thought the concept was “the stupidest idea [she’d] ever heard in [her] life.”

But she soon changed her tune. “It’s brilliant. There is no struggling for understanding what that means, it’s right there on its sleeve. If I can’t understand a movie with the sound, it’s not worth watching to me. Movies are movies. Not words. What could be …read more

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